Game FAQ

One of JAO’s most important features is getting to put your skills to the test against others. You can do that in the “Player vs Player” mode. Once your company has reached reputation level 4, the star-shaped PvP button will become unlocked. Clicking it will open the match window and you can then start a

How do I report a JAO bug?

2012-08-29 - 12:08

If you encounter an error or bug in the game, please report it in the forum under “JAO tech. Support/Report“. It makes it much easier for us to fix the bug if you describe it according to the forum instructions.

If you are having trouble with your account or if a purchase is not working properly, please contact our Support team. If you are experiencing technical problems, please visit us in the forum under “JAO tech. Support/Report“. If you want to find hints and tricks for the game or if you want to exchange tips

News about the game can be found in the news section on our website, in the official JAO forum, on Facebook or by subscribing to our newsletter on the gamigo portal.

In the top right corner of the game you’ll see a display of how many gold bars you have in your account. Click on the yellowish “plus” to the left of the gold bar to open a new tab in the gamigo Cash Shop. There you can select how many gold bars you would like

Jagged Alliance Online is completely free to play and you can play the whole game for free. Some players would like to advance more quickly, have stylish items for their merc or have a bit of an advantage in particularly tricky missions. Gold can help with that. For example, you can hire mercs permanently so

What are JAO gold bars?

2012-08-29 - 12:08

Gold bars are the second currency in Jagged Alliance Online besides JAO dollars. You’ll get some gold for free when you start the game and can earn more gold bars by completing the first few jobs. You can also stock up by purchasing more gold bars in the JAO Cash Shop.

Yes, in keeping with the rest of the Jagged Alliance series, JAO features turn-based battles. So players who have come to know and love the rest of the series will feel right at home in Jagged Alliance Online. Which of the mercenaries featured in previous parts of the series will be playable? The majority of

What is Jagged Alliance Online?

2012-08-29 - 07:08

Jagged Alliance Online is a turn-based tactical game built on the Unity 3D engine and is part of the popular Jagged Alliance series. Players can create their own company of mercenaries and complete a variety of missions all around the world. These missions, played on a tactical map, can be played using more than 60 unique mercenaries