Big JAO Summer Sale!

2013-07-12 - 15:07

Now is your chance to get more Jagged Alliance for half the price with our JAO Summer Sale. Take this great chance and get 50% off the JAO campaign now, giving you an additional 100 hours of challenging mission gameplay and epic weapons! Go to Jagged Alliance Online now! Your Cliffhanger Jagged Alliance Online Team

Patch notes 04.04.2013

2013-04-04 - 08:04

Patch notes 04.04.2013 Armor Piercing value of Regular Bolts was reduced to 5%; Armor Piercing Bolts now have the same armor penetration as all other AP ammo – 15%. Even when having the inventory open, the game continues running fluently when completing a mission. The text in the “Visit World Map”-tutorial is now completely visible.

Hi JAO fans, Your efforts are to be rewarded! From one minute past midnight (CEST) on 26th February, 2013, till one minute before midnight (CEST) on 27th February, 2013, you’ll receive a 33% bonus with every purchase from €24.99 in our gamigo shop. (SMS and ePin are excluded from this promotion) We wish you much

Hi JAO fans and players! We have come up with a huge update which is FULL of cool new stuff for your mercs to earn their money the hard way. Among the improvements you will find: – Level cap raised to level 50 – 17 new really challenging missions including a new warzone – Dozens

We are happy to announce that Jagged Alliance Online has won the category ‘Best Browsergame 2012′

TMC transferred some of the last remaining Metaviran fallow tree samples to several secret laboratories,

Reinforcements have arrived!

2012-11-09 - 16:11

Cliffhanger Productions supports Jagged Alliance operations directly!

Relief supplies arrived

2012-10-30 - 15:10

This is the evaluation of the latest event.

“Mercenary sale” campaign

2012-10-25 - 14:10

Only for you:

Storm hits pharma giant TMC

2012-10-25 - 13:10

The Agency needs your attention: