Jagged Alliance Online - PvP Guide

In the PvP mode of Jagged Alliance Online you can take on other players’ mercenary companies. You can enter PvP mode by clicking on the large skull symbol on the world map. Assemble your team, with which you wish to fight, by dragging and dropping the mercenary portraits, and start the game by clicking on “Begin match”. The matchmaking system will automatically allocate you a worthy opponent.

There are three various PvP modes in Jagged Alliance Online. In “Deathmatch” mode the last player to have at least one mercenary on the map wins. In “Bounty hunter” both players try to be the first to kill a computer-controlled target person. In “Search & Destroy” you have to destroy as many of your opponent’s targets as possible, while protecting your own, to win.

You will receive fuel and honor points for playing PvP matches. If you win, then your HP will be restored to 75% of its starting value, but if you lose, then it will only be restored 50%.

Jagge Alliance Online - PvP