Jagged Alliance Online - Hints & Tricks

Jagged Alliance Online Stat Points


The more strength a mercenary has, the higher their HP, and they can also wear heavy armor, like the Titan- a Titan plate taken from a tank! If you want to spread as many bullets as possible, but you also want to hit something, then you will have to have a lot of strength because this decreases the recoil of your weapon.


If your mercenary should be able to withstand even the heaviest barrage of gunfire, then you should increase their endurance. Endurance increases the HP of your mercenary and his resistance to status effects. Through a combination of high endurance and great strength, your mercenary can wear armor like the famous juggernaut suit.


The number of action points your mercenary has increases with the improvement of his dexterity and reflexes. The more dexterous a character is, the better his camouflage, which means you can sneak up on an enemy unseen and unheard. In addition, dexterity is the main attribute for light armor- the favorite armor of sneaky scumbags.


A high level of awareness is key to discovering enemies on the battlefield. This does not only widen the awareness area of your mercenary, but also the probability of discovering camouflaged enemies. Awareness is generally better during the day than night and it is the most important attribute for snipers.


Reflexes increase both the dexterity and number of action points of your soldier. The probability of intercepting an enemy, and not being intercepted by an enemy yourself, increases noticeably with improved reflexes. Your mercenary will require above-average reflexes to be able to wear certain types of light armor.

Weapon stats

Every weapon skill increases the precision of your mercenary and enables him to better use this type of weapon.

Special ammunition

Special munitions can be decisive in winning or losing a mission or PvP match. Hollow-point bullets deal huge damage to enemies without armor, while armor-piercing munitions ignore a part of the target’s armor.

Camouflage and awareness

It is decisive on the battlefield that you discover your opponent first. Camouflage is related to the dexterity of your character and is influenced by factors like distance, stance, camouflage color, armor, and time of day. By contrast, awareness is based on the relative attributes of the character and can increase in daylight, while standing, or with sight-enhancing equipment. If you want to know what time of day a mission takes place and which color of camouflage you should bring, then move the mouse over the mission symbol in the contract window!